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About the Course
Asian College of Teachers

The Certificate Course for Teaching Young Learners focuses on how learning takes place in children and pre-adolescents, where teachers are facilitators of the learning process aiding and optimizing the innate need in every individual to explore the environment, seek various ways and find solutions for themselves. The course empowers the teacher-facilitator with those skills that will help them to bring out the best in their learners irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds. This means a practitioner is in a position to use the skills and training in any situation or condition. Learning takes place in many different ways. The course focuses on learning using interactive methods which engage the young learners effectively as well as positive classroom management techniques. Language development, numeracy and use of technology or ICT skills, is another distinctive aspect of this course. It also takes into consideration the best practices in teaching young learners like simulation, dramatization, storytelling, rhyming, etc for teaching mathematical and scientific concepts. The rationale for using instructional methods such as collaborative work, paired work, independent work for content delivery is an essential component. The crux of the course lies in enabling all those professionals/individuals who are enthusiastic and eager to participate in the young learners’ learning journey - in the learners’ development and growth; in arousing the learners’ natural curiosity so that they make appropriate choices and develop their abilities to think, create, solve and decide for themselves with a sense of accountability for their actions and decisions – to be successful in their endeavor and fulfill their aspiration to be a ‘teacher/facilitator’ to young learners. Most importantly CCTYL meets the growing demand in the industry for personnel with specific skills to face the challenges of managing the learning process of young learners effectively and efficiently.