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Asian College of Teachers

The course aims to enable professionals with little or no experience to gain insight into the characteristics of young learners between ages 3 and 12, as well as be able to practice the methods and techniques of facilitating their learning processes. Practicing teachers, paramedics working with young learners and academic leaders can benefit from this course in terms of continuous professional development as well as use the new skills in their existing teaching-learning environment. The course further aims to prepare professionals to manage various situations that arise when working with young learners. Participants acquire those practical skills and required knowledge that is so necessary to manage very young and young learners in an effective manner. Through the various activities, workshops and simulations, apart from instructional sessions and seminars, the participants learn to prepare their own teaching materials, evaluate existing ones and apply the most appropriate in their individual situations. Participants learn and apply their skills of using different strategies to teach young learners through drama, music, experiments, simulations, first hand experiences amongst other techniques of teaching – learning. Some specific aims of the certificate course are outlined below:

  • To prepare teachers to face the challenges of managing young learners focusing on positive discipline
  • To enable teachers to develop an understanding of how young learners learn and optimize their learning abilities
  • To empower teachers to facilitate the learning process of their learners and to assist them to become engaged as well as successful creative learners
  • To give teachers an understanding of different learning styles and how the same may be applied in practical situations
  • To help teachers create appropriate learning environments that are inclusive, differentiated and addresses multiple intelligences
  • To help teachers assess and evaluate their learners through practical assignments
  • To enable teachers to become reflective practitioners