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Asian College of Teachers

What is the duration of the diploma courses?
The TEFL Diploma Course is of 220 hours and Pre & Primary Diploma Course is of 120 hours.

What is the difference between certificate and diploma course?
In some countries, Diplomas are preferred than certificates. During the Diploma course the teachers have to do some research themselves, which gives them an edge over other teachers.

Shall I get access to the course altogether?
No, the access to the course will be given to the candidates phase wise. The students will be given access to the following phase only after they submit the assignment.

How will I be evaluated?
There are assignments at the end of each phase. You will have to complete the assignments and send it online for evaluation. The teachers will be graded in the Pre & Primary courses.

How long will it take to get the certificate?
Certificate will be dispatched to the candidates after the evaluation of the assignment. Evaluation takes a time of few days.

Are there any discount?
There are few special discounts from time to time and in special cases. Our salesperson will inform you about these discounts.

Can I get a certificate without doing the course?
We do not give certificates to anybody unless they complete the course.

What are the ways of communication with my tutor?
You can mail our tutor all whenever you have queries. A reply will be given within 24 hours of working days. If you want to chat with your tutor you can also fix up a time with her.

Is the certificate accepted all over the world? Yes, our certificate is accepted all over the world with all major recruiters.

Can I get a reference letter?
Sure, you can get a letter of reference from our tutor.

Will I be given any placement assistance after the course?
Yes, you will be given 100% placement assistance after the course. However, we cannot guarantee any specific location, school or salary.

Will I be able to teach only English or other subjects too?
Students of Pre & Primary Course will be able to teach all subjects. Candidates going for TEFL will specialize in teaching English as a foreign language. However, they can also teach other subjects as the technique is what that matters.