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Other Costs
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Currency conversion-
Exchange rate for converting Thai Baht to USD: 1THB = 0.03072 USD
Exchange rate for converting Thai Baht to Indian Rupee: 1 THB = 1.91 INR

Cheapest flight from India to Bangkok: 8,141 INR approx.
Flight from UK to Bangkok: 27, 345 INR approx
Flight from USA to Bangkok: 38,410 INR approx
Flight from Middle East to Bangkok: 19,687 INR approx

Cost of Living

Cost of living is the prime concern of all trainees heading to Bangkok, Thailand. But this is extremely subjective depending upon your choice of lifestyle. We can give you a rough guide to the possible costs you will face on a monthly basis:

Accommodation being taken care by the institute with minimal rental, only concern remains for the food and drinks, shopping and clothes, transport and travel, visas.

Food- you can eat cheaply in Bangkok by sticking to street food, market and mall food courts. You can have a meal with a bottle of water for around $1.50 (48.84THB)-3.00(97.68THB) in a mall food court in the evening. And have wide range of foods including pizzas, Indian food, Middle-Eastern food, Mexican food and most other cuisines you can think of. Be careful about the hottest nightlife of Bangkok, if you get carried out might cost you heavy specially the alcohol consumption.

Shopping and Clothing: One of the best things about Bangkok is the Thai market place. And you will never be in trouble finding a market whether day or night. Foods, clothes, electronic gadgets etc and everything you need at a cheaper cost compared to other places. Only avoid luxury items which might be little expensive.

Transport and travel-The Bangkok city offers a well connected public transport wherein the taxis are also relatively cheap. It is advisable to hire motorbike taxi to and from the institution everyday where you will have to spend approximately 65 baht. It would be best deal if you could hire on a two weeks duration basis that will cost you even less.

Visas- Since trainees visit on travel visa not much have to be worried. All this will be taken care of beforehand by the institute.