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Safety in Bangkok
Asian College of Teachers

While exploring the Bangkok city, anyone will find it safe unless you are unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at wrong time. It can happen even in a safest statistical place on earth. Here goes certain safety tip while you visit the place:-

- Pickpockets like any big city or busy area are not unheard of in Bangkok. Never carry your wallet at the back pocket or make sure your purse has a zip closure. While traveling do keep your purse safely wrapped under your arms.

- Carrying an expensive mobile or an iPhone inside a fresh market is not a wise decision. Someone might swoop by, grab it and gone in a fraction of second.

- Riding a motorcycle could be fun and convenient to reach any place in Bangkok but there is a saying that maximum of road accident here occurs in motorcycle. So be extremely careful while using this mode of transport.

- Beware of Bangkok tuktuk and gems scams. A tuktuk driver can charge abruptly 20THB and promise to give you a tour around. He will eventually take you a gems store where he has a commission on the sale. It is not advisable to buy gem stones if you are not familiar with the characteristics of a quality stone.

- Another common scam is the bar nightlife scam, when a friendly person will approach you and make you buy all the expensive drinks. Be careful while drinking otherwise you all free too enjoy at your best.

It can be said that when you travel Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand be reluctant and careful at the same time. Because like any big city it has its own shortcomings which can easily be avoided.