Teaching Young Learners can be the most challenging as well as most satisfying job at the same time. There are numerous teaching methodologies suitable to teach young learners at every step. Young learners fall in the age group of 2 -12 and this stage is considered by academicians as most crucial and delicate. Like setting a strong foundation of a building, it is important to give best education possible to a kid. The formative years of children determines the kind of person they grow up to be. It is not just limited to academics but the complete development of a kid is what is most important. School and the teachers are of prime influence to the young learners after their home. The training given to the teachers for teaching young learners needs to be scientific. Kindergarten teachers or preschool teachers are skilled professionals who require training of highest level.

The main problem a teacher faces while teaching young learners is keeping them engaged. Children have very low concentration level so it is important to make learning fun. Teachers should be skilled actors while dealing with young learners. Voice modulation, funny sounds, expressions, and body language all play a big role in children’s education. Physical comedy or animated expression of the teachers makes kids concentrate for a long time. While teaching adults the same scenario might be quite silly but while teaching kids the lesson can be both fun and successful. As all teachers are not same and their teaching styles differ a lot a common methodology or style is required to make teaching successful.

Another most important teaching technique for teaching young learners is repetition drills. It is a controlled activity by the teacher which can be used to teach language very successfully. Repetition activity in class can be of three types, silent, choral and individual. After the repetition level, the teachers can start with the intermediate level where new structures can be taught to the kids.

There are numerous methodologies, which are applicable for teaching young learners. The most famous methodologies are by Maria Montessori, Friedric Froebel, Jean Piaget, Reggio Emilia and Thematic Approach. Different schools follow different methodologies and each of them has their own success rate.

Another teaching method, which helps the kids immensely, is multi- dimensional and thematically organized activities. Song or stories also create a great impact on a child’s education. A story, rhyme or a song can impart lot of information and is also able to keep the children concentrated. As a school in a second home for the child it is important for the teachers to integrate some home language or culture in the classroom. Research and methodologies of teaching young learners is still at its primary level. Though technology has started to play a major role, there has been not much advancement in the field of teaching young learners.