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Teaching Job Prospects
Asian College of Teachers

The teaching profession is a mobile system in the sense that, teachers are expected to teach anybody. But the ground reality is teachers who are trained to teach adolescents and adults are sent to teach Young learners. Although they kind of manage the job with their experience but the effectiveness of their teaching is sometimes questionable. Each age level has is distinctive characteristics based on educational and psychological principles. Teachers need to be aware of this vital information.

There are teacher training courses for preschoolers like the Montessori courses and language teacher training programs that equips one to handle middle and high school or adult learners. There are practically no courses that combine both the pre and primary level teaching skills. The ACT program does just that. It stems from the need of primary teachers who can facilitate the learning of pre and primary children.

Therefore anyone who completes the Pre and Primary Teacher Training Program will have the unique and most sort after qualification. The ration of the number of pre and primary school children and qualified teachers is very low. Therefore there is a gap and a demand for teachers all over the world who can handle both the preschoolers and the elementary school learners effectively and are not slotted into straight jacket levels.

More importantly both native and non native speakers of English have equal opportunity to get jobs since teaching young learners is not based on verbal skills alone. A lot of the teaching is through instructional strategies a wide ranged as music, dance and computers.

This certification also does not restrict a trained teacher geographically because pre and primary across cultural barriers learn in the same way. So it gives you the opportunity to travel widely while you work, enriching your own learning through interaction with varied cultures and people.

There are more pre schools than there are high schools therefore also the number of jobs are more. Apart from schools, there are care centers, crèches and the like that can employ trained teachers. Though teaching young learners can be very rewarding but it can also be very challenging. So if you are not trained and have the necessary skills it can be very stressful and at times frightening. Just liking children is not enough; you have to understand their psyche, needs and want in order to make teaching effective. The Asian College of Teachers Pre and Primary Teacher Training program does just that and opens multiple doors of opportunities for you all across the globe.