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Things to bring
Asian College of Teachers

Before beginning your journey to the beautiful city of Bangkok keep few things with you. The essential factor of a safe and happy stay in Bangkok is to follow these guidelines all through.

-When travelling in Bangkok carry lots of dollars because the exchange is easy and you can shop as much as you can.

- As you are flying to Bangkok, Thailand from a distant country, you need to pack very diligently to be prepared for any typical situations. Like –take enough vitamins, supplements, toiletries etc to support you till you settle down. Though in Bangkok you can avail counter items cheaply as well as prescriptive medicines without any prescriptions which come in very handy if you suppose to have lost or run out of it like contact lenses.

-Carry ultra light baggage for your trip. The bags should be foldable and stroller inside. Also carry loose clothing and umbrella as it could be wet and dry at times. Also bring additional bags in Bangkok to pack items that you would buy there. Since most airlines allows to bring home 20kg stored luggage and 7kg carry on luggage, your excess shopping of cheap products might cost your heavily. So avoid unnecessary buying.

-As far clothing are concerned carry two pairs of your formal dress to be worn at the school. However nobody will notice if you could stick to a single color like black. You will easily get maids who readily wash your clothing at a very minimal charge.

-Carry small camera with related equipments to hang it around your neck. Bring chargeable battery to avoid unnecessary harassment of searching and buying.

-And lastly, always carry your cell phone as you can easily get a calling card and get in touch with your family members and relatives back home. Also ensure that you are subscribed to ‘Auto Roaming’ feature and then you are all set to conquer the world.