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Asian College of Teachers

your stay in Bangkok. The people here are very receptive and treat the visitors and trainees as their own guest. At During the course our able team will guide to find the comfortable stay of two weeks in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. You will be joining us from different places, so your complete security and care is our duty. We are happy to arrange accommodation for our trainees at the best hotels in Bangkok like the three star hotel named - JL Bangkok. The rental of about 350 USD for single accommodation and 175 USD shared on availability. The location of the hotel makes it easy for the trainees to commute to and fro the school and nearby places and airport. These contemporary and stylish hotels have everything that will give you the homely feeling all through. The warmth in the hospitality service will soon win over your heart to prolong the hotel also you will get similar treatment. There are certain services that make the stay blissful like the morning tea, daily breakfast with fresh bottled water, 24 hours check in, 24 hours security system, non smoking room available etc. Another important aspect is the meeting room where you can make use of it for collective study with your other mates. The restaurants offers such varied and delicious foods that once you taste will remember for ages. You can easily adjust to the environment and culture of the place. If anything comes your way, we are always there to solve them. The complimentary wireless internet connection is add-on to all the facilities offered by the Hotels. You can study, complete assignments and make certain research with these free access to internet. Hope you have a great stay in Bangkok while you pursue your training with us.