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Asian College of Teachers

Victoria Maselo, South Africa
(Pre and Primary Diploma Course): The best thing about the course was the support provided and the professionalism. I think that the section on classroom management should be improved. The course has definitely enriched my life.

Soham Ray (Kolkata, India)
It is nice to say that this is a very effective course especially for the people who are very busy with jobs associated with them previously. While handling my twins, it was tough to find out time for full time course. That is why Asian College of Teachers deserves thanks for introducing certificate course on pre-primary and primary teachers training online.

Sheena Matthew (India)
I am fond of teaching. I was looking for teachers training course and not affecting my job. 80 hrs with Asian College of Teachers made my way wider before I step into wider world.

David Friend (Barcelona, Spain)
International accredited certificate launched by Asian College of Teachers at such a low cost is helpful for all. Not only that their assistance during the course, but their help even after the course is really appraisable.

Angela Colbert (USA)
Previously to attend the course online seemed to me tough a bit but after around two weeks, it started to get easier. My trainer was also very prompt t in explaining my lessons if I had any doubt.

S. Taylor (Morocco)
It was okay when the course started. But after finishing the course it seemed tough to get the job. As they told to give assistance to candidates, it seemed to me a bit assured but at the end may be for misunderstanding the situation got suffocating though at last it got cool and I got the job with their assistance.

Williams (UK)
The dynamic technique of explanation of the lesson over the Internet is excellent. It was really enjoyable. It has made me more potential than I was ever before.

Austina Rosenthal (Australia)
I feel truly grateful for all the effort you have given from sign up to getting job. I had a chance to upgrade teaching skills and got an excellent job in the process.

Prince Walker (UK) I am currently working in a primary school. My teaching skills have been improved a lot since I have come in touch of faculty Asian College of Teachers. The staffs are also very supportive like the trainers.

Gloria Dahl (UK):
I wish to thank you for all your efforts, which allowed me to acquire excellent teaching skills. Asian College of Teachers has taken online teachers training to a new level and I am proud to be part of it.

Marie Gaudin (Philippines)
The primary teachers training course of Asian College of Teachers aided me in a fine way. Their digital resources are truly an innovative piece of work. I thoroughly followed their instructions and enhanced my teaching skills.

Certificate TEFL young Learners Course

Alix Turner (Berkeley, CA)
The online teachers training provided by Asian College of Teachers is to fill the gap. I really enjoyed the time, which I have spent with TA through the unconventional process of training. I convey my thanks to introduce such course to assist people who pursuer a dream to become a teacher.

A William (Hampshire, UK)
The materials used are excellent and easy to comprehend even online. The staffs of TEFL Academy gave adequate placement assistance after the course.

Nelson May
I really enjoyed the unconventional teaching method of TEFL Academy. I will recommend this course to people who are interested in teaching, surely.

Ellen Mandela (S. Africa)
I am working in a primary school after completion of online teacher training course from Asian College of Teachers. The staffs of TA were quite helpful in finding out the job for me. I wish to express thanks to all them.

Nancy Kidman (UK)
When I started with TA for online teachers training course it seemed to me a bit problematic. I grew comfortable gradually with help of my online tutor. I am thankful to the entire team.

Diploma in Pre & Primary TT: 120 hrs

John Hunt
I am glad that I successfully completed Diploma in Pre and Primary teachers training course at Asian College of Teachers. The teaching and learning helped me to teach effectively and skillfully. I have tried to properly use 120 hrs to upgrade myself.

Angelina Smith (UK) I always liked profession of teaching as it is a respectable job and does give you happiness. After my graduation, I joined a small school at my hometown, but soon I realized that I would have to acquire more in-depth knowledge to attain professional competence. On checking, I have attempted the online course of Asian College of Teachers from where I have gained confidence and necessary skills.

Glen Obama (S. Africa):
The vast exhaustive material, detailed in depth information and good guidance helped me in learning a lot. I am thankful to Asian College of Teachers for introducing such a wonderful course.

Kim Generes (UAE)
I attended Diploma course at TEFL Academy, as I was going abroad after marriage. The knowledge and techniques learned are very useful to me at my present job of an assistant teacher in a school at Canada. My qualifications have helped me to get a job at a prestigious institution.

Anne George (India)
I attended and successfully completed Asian College of Teachers course for Primary Teachers Training. It was a enlightening experience and after the course I feel more confident with my students in the classroom

Diploma YL Course

Ronne Beckham (UK)
I am elated after doing the YL diploma course from Asian College of Teachers. As soon I completed the course, I got a lucrative job offer in Taiwan. I hope to apply what I had learnt from the course once I am in a real classroom.

Kim Wang (South Korea)
I have been teaching kids English for last five years. I found it necessary to enhance my degree for personal and professional growth. Asian College of Teachers brought me the answer. Thanks!

Randy Goldsmith (USA)
I have a passion for teaching kids and traveling to exotic places. The Diploma in Young Learners is what I required. The course material was brilliant and I was assisted well all through.

Bary Bing (Canada)
I was very satisfied with the course and the support I got from my tutor. However, it would have been better if I had received my certificate little early.

Gopa Sinha ( India)
I am a resident of UAE and a teachers in a pre-primary school for past ten years. I required a Diploma to get a promotion. Asian College of Teachers’ Diploma in YL course seemed to be a perfect solution.

Lucy Nelson (S. Africa)
The course materials provided by TEFL Academy were well balanced. After finishing the course from TA I am feeling confident. Now I have a job in a reputed school and I can realize that the credits go to TA who enhanced my skills and confidence.

Biffy Jones (UK):
Online teachers training provided by TEFL Academy is an incredible opportunity for all levels of your being. The course ensures that certification, which is accredited globally so one can easily avail this course staying at any part of the world and can get jobs at anywhere of the world. So, it seems to me a great chance to get job even enjoying traveling.

SudipaSaxena (UAE)
I love traveling and have passion to teach kids. The online course of Asian College of Teachers has brought the opportunities to fulfill my passion. Their materials are also very good. Thanks for all.

Nancy Briganja (UK)
After being certified from Asian College of Teachers I got an opportunity that I was dreaming for. After completing my certification course from TA, I have a job and now I am decide to move to capital city for betterment. This world wide accredited certification is appreciable indeed.

Grover Jones (Texas, USA)
As I am fond of traveling, I wanted such an opening, which would give me the chance to work worldwide and the teachers training certificate course provided by TEFL Academy has given me the opportunity to step into wider world with full efficiency.

Lindale Clark (UK)
I was looking for a very professional online training course, that provides endless support and guidance, and finally this course is here. My trainer was supportive who helped me a lot by giving advice on teaching methods. She attended to the assignments in a satisfactory way.

Barry Smith (USA)
My experience with online course at TEFL Academy is exciting. There were many interesting assignments to solve. I hope I can apply things, which I was taught. Finally, I am thankful to my trainer who gave me many advices on teaching.

Paula Faure (Cambridge, UK)
The course at Asian College of Teachers was excellent. On receiving the certificate, I got the job without any delay. The assignments were challenging but the trainer was very helpful.

Lisa Ray (USA) I enjoyed my course at Asian College of Teachers because of how much it challenged me and more so, because of how much I learned. I apply what I've learned from this course to my teaching every single day and I am a better teacher because of it. The trainer invested so much time into making sure whether the trainee is doing right or not.

Alice Ponnet (Edinburgh, Scotland)
I was working with a small school at my hometown but I was realizing that there is need of some more qualification to get a promotion. At that moment on researching, I found Asian College of Teachers who was providing online teacher training course at low cost. I just grab the opportunity because I had to maintain my existing job and gain a higher degree as well. However, after gaining the certificate now I am posted at higher position in reputed school with better remuneration.

Christina Jones (Germany)
Actually, I appreciate teachers' methods of instruction. They give many advices in order to find and fill weakness. Asian College of Teachers provides a good foundation and helps me to develop my teaching knowledge.

Carl Neilson (Berkshire, UK)
If one wants to take their passion for teaching one step further just join this course. If you just want to deepen your own understanding of teaching, or you are unsure if teaching is for you, come anyways! I have discovered a potential inside myself. Thank you so much Asian College of Teachers.

Biffy Kidman (France)
I plan to teach in different countries in Asia and I like traveling, too. As the Asian College of Teachers provides with on line course, which is accredited, the new window of opportunity has come in front for me. The staff was also supportive in assistance to find a job.

Will Owens (Mexico)
Teachers training course provided by Asian College of Teachers gave me a wider chance to have job even out side of my country, Mexico. The online course has helped me a lot to enhance my teaching skills.

Joel Faure (London)
When I first found the online course by TEFL Academy I was happy as I can do the course from any part of the world for its flexibility. The course was also introduced at an affordable price.

Keri Brassard (USA)
I completed the course in less than one month with very professional online support. After that, I got the job in a reputed school. I am always thankful to the precious supportive.

Angelina Rechsteiner (Australia)
I have heard the name of TEFL Academy from one of my friends. Then on researching the website, I have found that they are introducing online teachers training course, which seemed to me supportive as I have twin babies to take care of. On the other hand, I had great passion to teach. The TA has given me that much support to be confident.

Richard Thatcher (UK)
My personal trainer was very friendly and I am very obliged for the support she has provided online. Thanks for all assignments, which were helpful in analyzing my teaching skill.